Maxx Caveney, MD

Maxx Caveney, MD

"As a urologist, you have the privilege of being entrusted with highly personal conversations about very private health concerns patients may not even share with their significant other"

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"Very impressed and thankful to have found an outstanding Urologist"--
Dr. Caveney is a very good listener and doesn’t just give lip service to my questions and concerns. He always gives me options along with pros and cons for each. I have the utmost confidence in him and highly recommend him to any guy out there that needs to see a Urologist.

"Life changing"--
I needed to see the doctor for a urinalysis showing blood. I had been dealing with UTI-type symptoms for 2 years. I thought that it was just going to be that way because of childbirth change of life. After 2 appts and several tests everything showed fine. I was started on medication and can I say WOW. After a few days of taking, symptoms completely gone. I wish I would have known there was help 2 years ago!

"Quick, accurate, and empathic."
He took the time to listen and understand my complex situation, gave me options that fit my situation and never pressured me on anything.

Excellent care!"
Dr. Caveney is very compassionate and knowledgeable. He explained my condition in a thorough manner. I did not feel rushed at all during my appointments. His office is very easy to communicate with.

Superb! Attentive and detail-oriented physician"
Dr. Caveney is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. He took time to listen intently and did not make me feel rushed. He helped guide me through the process from diagnosis through recovery. I would trust Dr. Caveney to care for any of my family members. A true gift

Excellent experience."
His bedside manner is some of the best I’ve experienced as a long time patient. He respected the sensitive nature of my condition and provided clear options for treatment moving forward. I was very pleased with the outcomes of my care.

As the first member of his family to go to college, Dr. Caveney didn’t have a career path mapped out when he began his undergraduate studies. It was the demands of college rugby that served up inspiration. “I played Division 1 rugby at Chico State in California and gravitated toward studying the human body as I became involved in strength training, nutrition and exercise,” he explains.

For a while, Dr. Caveney thought physical therapy would be a good fit, but realized he was more interested in the microscopic and physiologic processes that occur inside the human body. After completing his degree, the magna cum laude graduate headed east to Wake Forest School of Medicine in North Carolina.

Although he was initially drawn to obstetrics and gynecology, a rotation in urology changed Dr. Caveney’s mind. “As a urologist, you have the privilege of being entrusted with highly personal conversations about very private health concerns patients may not even share with their significant other,” he notes. “As urologists, we’re not only entrusted with that information, but viewed as someone who can help individuals overcome these issues. Being close to my patients and having long-term relationships with them is very rewarding.”

Today, Dr. Caveney puts his expertise to good use treating a broad range of urologic issues—including kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, enlarged prostate, male and female urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. 

He is excited to be part of a close-knit practice where “patient-first care” is the mantra. “I immediately saw UPNT is more than just a collection of urologists,” he reveals. “The practice is a collection of friends and colleagues—people who help each other deliver the best possible care so the men and women who count on us can enjoy a better quality of life.”

When Dr. Caveney isn’t caring for patients, the avid weight lifter and his wife frequent the YMCA and enjoy taking their young daughters to the Fort Worth Zoo and other fun spots.



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