Andrew Y. Sun, MD

Andrew Y. Sun, MD

"Men are at higher risk for nearly every major preventable disease, yet we are notoriously bad about taking care of ourselves. I want to be a champion for men’s health."

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“I felt comfortable speaking with Dr. Sun about my ED problem. He answered all of my questions and explained all of my options. I feel really good about our journey together!”

Jerry C.

“I’m 71 years young, and noticed over the past few years I had to wake up too many times to use the restroom—along with having ED creep up on me. With Dr. Sun’s care, my prostrate issue is now resolved so I sleep much better at night. To top that off, my ED issue is now pretty much in my rearview mirror. In short, I feel like I’m living the life of a 50-year-old dude! Thank you Dr. Sun!

Gehrig S.

“Dr. Sun is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable on many things when it comes to male health. I chose him to do my no-scalpel vasectomy and was amazed by how little pain there was. I felt no pain during or after the procedure. Dr. Sun was gentle and accurate with every motion. He also possesses a very outgoing and comedic personality! Which made the entire procedure a breeze. Highly recommend Dr. Sun!”

James B.

“Dr. Sun was overly accommodating and addressed my needs even when I was told by other doctors they couldn’t help me. I avoided conversations about my condition as they were uncomfortable, but Dr. Sun was easy to talk to and made me understand I wasn’t alone and that a lot of men have ED. My avoidance nearly cost me my marriage as I feared that no one could help me, but Dr. Sun and Michael White reassured me they could. I am a transplant patient and every small elective surgery seems to be a huge undertaking. I anticipated a lengthy recovery, but I’m now six weeks post surgery and am completely healed with zero complications. My only regret is I didn’t address nor find Dr. Sun and Michael White sooner!”

Tim T.

Dr. Sun spent his childhood roaming the halls of Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, where his parents were completing their doctoral degrees in clinical pharmacology. “We lived in the hospital dorms. I attended the hospital daycare, and I ate my meals at the hospital cafeteria,” he remembers. “Given my upbringing, I guess it’s no surprise that I ended up in healthcare myself.”

His family moved to the D.C. suburbs when he was just five. While his parents worked for the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Sun grew up spending his summers working in labs at the National Institutes of Health. “I really loved the science,” he recalls. “As interesting as it was, though, I found myself yearning for the human connection that comes with the doctor-patient relationship, and knew early on I was going to become a doctor.” 

Dr. Sun graduated as valedictorian from the University of Maryland with degrees in biology and economics, then went on to earn his medical degree at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. He spent his residency at the renowned Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, the world’s largest and most acclaimed urology program. 

“Having been lucky enough to train at some of the finest institutions in the world certainly left an impression on me,” he admits. “Harvard University’s motto is “Vertias”—Latin for “truth.” The motto of the Cleveland Clinic is “Patients First.” The combination of the two is essentially a summary of my philosophy towards medicine.”

During a rotation at Veterans Affairs, he developed a special interest in men’s health.

“Men are at higher risk for nearly every major preventable disease, yet we are notoriously bad about taking care of ourselves,” he notes. “I found that I enjoyed talking with guys about sensitive issues, and decided to focus my career on men’s health.”

Following his passion, Dr. Sun pursued a fellowship in andrology—the study of man—at the University of California, Los Angeles. There, he studied with Dr. Jesse Mills, the nation’s most sought-after expert in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, and Dr. Jacob Rajfer, who helped discover the biological mechanisms that lead to erections and inspired the eventual formulation of Viagra.

Dr. Sun’s additional training places him among a small cohort of elite specialists uniquely equipped to treat men’s health issues. 

As an ardent champion for men’s well-being, Dr. Sun’s practice is solely devoted to the treatment of male sexual and hormonal issues, including erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, low testosterone, post-prostate cancer recovery and testicular issues. “These are sensitive subjects,” he admits. “But man to man, I try to keep things casual and always be a straight shooter.”

When he’s not caring for his patients, Dr. Sun enjoys travelling the world, alpine hiking, reading history books, and shooting sports. He lives in Dallas with his wife Serena and their Corgi Tiberius.



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