Nina Turcotte, EMT

“My purpose is to an advocate. There are women who think leaking all over themselves is a normal part of life—that you just have to live with it. I help change that.”

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Nearly two decades ago, Turcotte was working long, late-night hours in one of Nashville’s busiest emergency rooms. A urologist who came to the hospital frequently for consultations took note of her knowledge and work ethic offered the emergency medical technician a position with his practice.

Turcotte has been devoted to urology ever since.

“I tell everyone urology picks you, you don’t pick it,” she says. “You have to have a passion for our field to learn all the different conditions the specialty treats.”

Over the course of her career, Turcotte’s passion has seen her serve as a patient navigator for urology patients coping with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancer and now overactive bladder (OAB).

In her role with Urology Partners of North Texas, the Tennessee native is happy to hone her skills on an aspect of the field where she feels she can really make a difference for some of the nearly 33 million people who struggle with OAB.

“There are women in this world who think leaking all over themselves is just part of life—it’s normal and you just have to live with it. I help them see that’s not the case. There are good treatment options.”

Turcotte works one-on-one by phone with OAB patients. In fact, they have her direct phone number. While she checks in with her patients often, they can call her anytime they’d like—as often as they’d like. Through these in-depth conversations, she helps educate them about their condition and its causes, answers their questions and guides them through every step of their treatment.

“My purpose is to be their advocate,” she explains. “I’m here to listen and talk in depth with them so we ensure they are getting the right kind of help.”

Every patient’s success is a reminder of why Turcotte does what she does—help people enjoy life without an embarrassing and limiting bladder condition.

“To hear them say they’re dry and their life has changed, those are the best words I can hear from a patient,” she adds.

When she isn’t caring for patients, the Tennessee-based Turcotte enjoys spending time with her husband and fur baby, Scout.



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