Boost Your Body’s Natural Collagen Bliss

The quest for the fountain of youth has driven explorers to sail around the world, fueled treks through jungles in search of exotic ingredients, and inspired countless beauty concoctions formulated in science labs.

Yet, despite the endless pursuits, it could be argued that the quest for youth is still as elusive as ever. Except, for one fact: Your body naturally produces the perfect age-defying elixir. It’s called collagen.

Collagen is a protein. In fact, it’s the most abundant protein that your body makes. You probably know it gives skin a smooth, firm, wrinkle-free glow, but it actually does a lot more. It creates connective tissue that helps make bones, muscles, tendons and cartilage strong and resilient.

“It even plays a role in bladder control, vaginal lubrication and appearance of the vulva,” says Denecia Lewis, FNP-C with Urology Partners of North Texas. “Sadly, as we age, our body produces less collagen. The tightly woven network of collagen fibers turn into an unorganized maze.”

Still, with some “encouragement,” collagen production can be kickstarted.

The Best Way to Boost Collagen

There are plenty of facial creams and pills that claim to ramp up collagen production. Experts say collagen creams are iffy simply because collagen is a really large molecule. Due to its size, topical collagen can’t be absorbed all the way down into the middle layer of the skin where it needs to be to work. Even products with “soluble” collagen extracted from fish or bovine won’t be absorbed into the skin’s middle layer. Soluble collagen will hydrate the top skin layer, though—which can temporarily smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

While the beauty industry is still trying to hone in on the best way to corral collagen production, urology has made giant strides. One innovative treatment is successfully boosting collagen production with dramatic results — ThermiVa.

“ThermiVa successfully boosts collagen in the deep-tissue layers,” Lewis explains. “With more collagen, women who once struggled with stress incontinence, chronic urinary tract infections or vaginal pain and dryness are enjoying relief—along with a more youthful looking vulva.”

Here’s How ThermiVa Works

ThermiVa uses non-invasive radiofrequency energy.

“A series of three 30-minute treatments are performed right in our office,” Lewis says. “The treatments are spaced a month apart and are completely painless.”

First, a conducting gel is applied to the vulva and inside the vagina. Then, a slim wand about the length of a tampon applicator and diameter of a finger is gently moved over the labia and inside the vagina. After the series of three treatments is complete, an annual follow-up maintenance treatment is recommended.

Revv UP Your Bladder Control

“Because ThermiVa builds collagen that keeps organs like the bladder supple and elastic, it helps curb stress incontinence,” says Lewis. “Patients who originally want the ThermiVa treatment to ease vaginal dryness are surprised in a good way when they also notice they no longer leak urine when they laugh, cough or exercise.”

“Before ThermiVa, I had a trickle of urine if I sneezed or coughed,” admits one ThermiVa patient, Sheree. “After the first treatment, I didn’t have to use any pads!”

Put Some Va Va Voom Back in Your Love Life

ThermiVa rejuvenates dry, thinning vaginal tissue that can make intercourse painful. By kick starting collagen production, ThermiVa boosts cell regeneration and increases blood flow to the vagina.

“More blood creates healthier tissue and slows the thinning and drying process brought on by declining estrogen and progesterone levels,” Lewis adds. “Healthier vaginal tissue encourages better natural lubrication so women can experience more comfortable, pleasurable intercourse.”

Like many women in their mid-60s, Sheila experienced vaginal dryness (also known as atrophic vaginitis). “It’s not like when you are a teenager or in your 20s or 30s. You stop having moisture. Having sex when you’re so dry is uncomfortable. You have to use lubrication.”

Sheila felt a difference right after her first treatments.

“I noticed my lubrication was a little bit better. After my second treatment, all the sharp vaginal pains I was having during intercourse were gone and I was able to toss the KY lubricant.”

With one more treatment to go, Sheila looks forward to even more improvement.

“I’m ecstatic with the outcome,” she says. “The treatment is well worth it. They say it gives you the vagina of a 30- or 40-year-old. It’s absolutely true. The ThermiVa treatment has made a huge difference.”

Non-Surgical Alternative to Labiaplasty

Lewis has noticed that some women are drawn to ThermiVa for another reason. “A growing number of women today are undergoing labiaplasty to decrease the size of their labia minora. Younger women may consider the plastic surgery procedure because they feel self-conscious about the appearance of their vulva. Or the size of their labia may make wearing workout gear or playing sports uncomfortable.”

Older women may want to decrease the size of their labia following physical changes due to childbirth or natural aging.

Now, many of these women are discovering they have another choice besides plastic surgery—one that doesn’t involve a plastic surgeon cutting away parts of the labia minora so it is flush with the labia majora.

“The surgery is painful and expensive,” Lewis explains. “Afterward, recovery is slow. With ThermiVa, there isn’t any cutting of vaginal tissue. There isn’t any pain or a recovery period. Women may have a little bit of redness after treatment, but it subsides very quickly.”

There is no downtime following the ThermiVa procedure. Women can be treated and have sex the same evening. There are no restrictions, pain or discomfort.

One woman, Alice, even credits ThermiVa with making the “Big O” oh-so-much better. “I had a better orgasm that same night as my treatment,” she confides. “I wasn’t anticipating that. Now my orgasms are amazing.”

Ready to Explore ThermiVa?

Lewis says it’s not uncommon for women to start noticing results after just one treatment, just like Sheree, Sheila and Alice. By the time they complete the series of three 30-minute monthly in-office sessions, they’re amazed by the difference.

Lewis loves helping women be healthier, feel more confident, live dry—and revv up their love lives. That’s why she enjoys educating women about ThermiVa.

“It’s such a good feeling when I see and hear how happy they are with the results,” she admits.

Want to know more about ThermiVa?

Talk with Lewis to see how ThermiVa can help you. Call (866) 367-8768 to schedule a consultation.



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