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Before you begin radiation therapy for prostate cancer, protect the delicate tissue near the prostate with SpaceOAR—a soft absorbable hydrogel that creates a barrier between the prostate and rectum.

SpaceOAR at Urology Partner North Texas Dr. Barker

Partner with Precision Fighters

Radiation therapy is very effective in treating advanced prostate cancer. At Urology Partners, our prostate cancer specialists collaborate closely with Jerry Barker, MD, at Texas Cancer Specialists.

As the only fellowship trained radiation oncologist in Tarrant County*, Dr. Barker has more than 17 years of experience helping patients battle the most advanced and complex prostate cancer. Because of his uncommon excellence, he has been named a Fellow of the American College of Radiation—a prestigious honor bestowed on only 10 percent of radiation oncologists in the United States.

Working together, Dr. Barker and Urology Partners take extra precautions to protect the rectum and prevent unpleasant post-radiation side effects before radiation treatment even begins.

SpaceOAR at Urology Partner North Texas Patient Experience

Shields Delicate

Carefully inserted into the narrow space between the prostate and rectum before the first radiation treatment, SpaceOAR provides a cushioned barrier. This extra layer of protection helps shield the rectum from radiation and reduce post-radiation side effects.**

With SpaceOAR, men can receive the optimal dose of radiation to effectively target their prostate cancer and deliver the best results.

“Every radiation therapy treatment plan I have seen where SpaceOAR was used had a meaningful further reduction in radiation therapy dose to the rectum and normal tissues,” says Dr. Barker. “My patients have fewer bowel and rectal symptoms when SpaceOAR is used.”

One Simple Injection,
Long-Lasting Protection

SpaceOAR is injected during a brief in-office procedure before radiation treatment. At Urology Partners of North Texas, our physicians use ultrasound imaging to ensure the correct placement of the protective gel. Performed under local anesthesia, most men only experience a pin prick or slight pressure and generally do not feel any prolonged discomfort during or after the procedure. Patients are able resume their normal activities soon afterward.

SpaceOAR remains in place for about three months. Over time, the gel is naturally absorbed by the body and eliminated through urination.

“Patients are pleased to report back to me that the procedure to place SpaceOAR is not difficult or painful,” says Dr. Barker.

SpaceOAR at Urology Partner North Texas Experts

We are Your

Urology Partners of North Texas is a leading provider of SpaceOAR. Our prostate cancer specialists Dr. Richard Bevan-ThomasDr. Keith BloomDr. Patrick Collini and Dr. James Vestal skillfully inject the protective gel into the narrow space between the prostate and rectum to successfully reduce the side effects that can accompany radiation therapy.

“In my experience, patients are very pleased with the results from their prostate cancer treatment when SpaceOAR is used,” adds Dr. Barker.

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*As of October 2, 2020.

**Post-radiation side effects can include rectal pain and bleeding, chronic diarrhea, urinary urgency and leakage and erectile dysfunction.

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